How Can I Help?: Supporting the Kingston Food Coop

How Can I Help?
Supporting the Kingston Food Coop

There’s an undeniable energy when a group of people works together to do something good. There’s camaraderie and passion and excitement, and the profound sense of creating change. We feel that energy here at the Kingston Food Coop; we believe deeply in our mission and it shows in our enthusiasm. If you see us at events, you know we’re always excited to talk about what the Co-op is up to!

We want you to feel that energy, too! The Co-op’s inclusive nature means anyone in the community can participate, and we want everyone to sense the same excitement we feel. We’re on this mission together, and  

While there are a number of ways you can support the Kingston Food Coop, we’re going to give you the top five easiest ways you can become a part of our excitement.

1.    Want the single easiest way to support the Co-op? Talk about us! We want to spread the word about this community-owned grocery store to every corner of Kingston, and we need your voice to help us. Whether you’re sweating next to a friend on the treadmill or sipping drinks at a Kingston hotspot, don’t be afraid to let your friends, family, and co-workers know that we’re bringing a change in the way people can shop for healthy food. What about social media? Heck yes! Like, share, comment, re-Gram – it all helps us get the word out to as many people as possible. Your words and support are so important to us because you are reaching people that may not otherwise learn about the Co-op. Simply talking about us is so tremendously helpful.

2.    Don’t just talk about us, talk to us! We’ll be hosting listening sessions and community meetings to give you a platform to talk about what your hopes are for the Kingston Food Coop. What kinds of products or services should we provide? How can we continually improve our outreach? What other awesome ideas do you have? Attending a community meeting is the perfect way to build a truly inclusive co-op and a grocery store reflective of the community’s needs.   

3.    Donate to the Solidarity Share Fund. Making healthy food options affordable for all is critical to the mission of the Kingston Food Co-op. Our Solidarity Shares are available to members of the community who have been income-qualified for programs such as SNAP (click here for the full list of programs). These shares are offered at a reduced cost, with the remaining cost of each share covered by the Solidarity Share Fund. Donating to the Fund helps ensure that the Co-op is delivering on its commitment to provide affordable access to healthy food to all members of our community. We’ve made it as quick and easy as possible to donate. Simply click here to make your online donation.

4.    Join us! We would love to have you become a part of our Co-op! As a member, you’ll not only be supporting Kingston’s only community-owned grocery store but you’ll have access to special discounts and member-only events. The cost includes lifetime membership; that’s right, no annual membership fee. And if you’ve already joined keep in mind that the Co-op is always in need of volunteers. We recognize that not everyone has time, but from providing childcare at community meetings to staffing our table at local events to cooking for our listening sessions, any time you can spare would be an invaluable contribution. And if you have a particular skill set or area of expertise, give us a shout! We’d love to hear how you may be able to support our development process.

5.    Tell us about you! We’re building a community within this Co-op, full of people with different stories and backgrounds and motivations. What’s shaped you? What’s driving you to be a part of the Co-op? Why do you feel the excitement? Let us know here and we’ll include you as part of our Member Spotlight!

The Kingston Food Coop is committed to bringing and upholding a change in our community, and we’d love to have you with us as we do. Your help, your time, and your support are exactly what Kingston needs to see this community-owned grocery store come to life.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQs here.

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Rayna Clarke