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As a founding member of the Coop, you'll join a vibrant community working to bring healthy and affordable food options to Kingston.

Purchasing your membership today brings us one step closer to opening a full-service, cooperative grocery store in Kingston. Becoming a member is easy! It’s a one-time investment of $150* per adult and entitles you to all our member benefits.

For information on our Solidarity Share, a low-cost share for income eligible folks, click here.
To contribute to the Solidarity Share Fund, click here.

*Plus a $5 transaction fee for Square


member of your household 18 years old and older.

Once you fill out the form, be sure to follow the link to submit payment to complete your membership purchase.

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Please note that all Kingston Food Coop memberships are individual memberships, good for one adult 18 years and older. Spouses, partners and other adults must have their own individual memberships. By completing this form and making a payment I am applying to be an owner of Kingston Food Coop. I am currently a resident of New York State. I understand that purchasing a full share of common stock entitles me to membership rights in the Coop including the right to vote and to receive patronage dividends and other member benefits. I understand my membership rights are exclusive to me and cannot be transferred to others. I agree to abide by the Coop’s bylaws (posted on Kingston Food Coop’s website) and actively participate in the Coop’s governance structure. I agree to receive Coop notices by email, and I agree to keep the Co-op informed of my current email address. I understand that I am purchasing a non-dividend-earning share of common stock in a corporation, which will be used for initial capital, start-up expenditures, and other capital needs of the store. I understand that this investment is subject to risks inherent in any business and that I may lose some or all of this investment.